Talk about being a racist!

What's in a wannabe Native American name?

While going through many "native Facebook sites" trying to find my now lost friends from a Facebook account that, after so many years I was told (as they removed it) that I cannot have the site because it is not a Euro American name!

Talk about being a racist!!!!!!

Guess you must have a name that sells advertising?

Time after time I must go through so many phony names?

For instance, a white female of Asian descent pointing a gun at you while dressed in a Indian squaw costume with the name of a New Your city, calling herself an apache?

Or how about Big Bear White Silver Running Wolf, what tribe is he from?

Come on now, no self respecting true traditional American Native would, could or should embarrass themselves, the ancestor, the culture or Creator with such foolishness.

A foolishness that makes outsiders call all of us fools!

We the people throughout Indian Country allowed this to happen each time we see some phony at a gathering blessing another phony then giving a phony name?

We, for the sake of our culture, ceremonies, elders, ancestors, Creator and just because it is the right thing to do, must first teach the correct ways of our ancestors while receiving a prayer name, then CALL OUT and turn our backs on those phony "Spiritual Leaders"!

I go to the leader of said gathering in protest, if nothing gets done, a sprinkle of tobacco and an Eagle Feather on the lead drum will do the trick, if it is in fact a real Native American Gathering!

A traditionalist, the only person qualified to pray for and receive a native prayer name from Creator knows that, because that name can never be used out loud, also gives a Euro American name as in Walkingfox for use in everyday conversation. http://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/a-story/


The tobacco is a request for permission from Creator, the Eagle Feather ENDS THE GATHERING!

If you do not own a feather (another blaspheme against our people by this government) and your right taken away. Find an elder with a feather, politely with the offering of tobacco explain your problem.

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