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No self-respecting Native American should leave this alone.

If you have ever been to Pine ridge you know about the two disgusting European drunk bars just off the Reservation and what they are doing to our brothers and sisters just for money.
You must not walk away from this posting!
This government is not willing to stop these four murdering greedy Whites from destroying so many families or at the very least, allow the natives their right to opening their own bars!

That Nation to Nation thing again?
Before my answer to this would be my question.
Do you know about our missing enzyme (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyruvate_carboxylase) and how this effects us with chemicals?
The drink is to us a chemical.
We, the natives to this country did not need, so did not have this protection, until first contact.
As the Europeans go, the Pilgrims did not party or drink that is just one of the reasons they left Europe!
The Indians? One must assume this photo is speaking about India also do not drink or party as the picture displays.
Native Americans did not know what drink was until way after the Pilgrims arrival to our shores.
When we, the Native Americans do take of the drink, one drink would make us drunk, again this is because of that missing enzyme, not because we are drunks!
Only that foolish wannabe cowboy and wannabe native white person on display in this photo drink in a foolish drunken manner!
If you don't mind I like my butt and will never take it off?

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