4 Reasons a Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You

First a little more clean up on his article, "Redskin" is another oxymoron. We natives have always, are now and will always come in many different colors just like every other group of people. Even Africans in America and still in Africa come in different colors. Indians in India come in different colors.

The reason for the Washington football franchise mascot was because the owner made a nontraditional native employee dress in feathers for show and tell, thus the name stuck.


If you are a follower of my annoying ratings' (postings) you may remember that I touched on this subject in my posting in the about Religious Roundtable?

True traditionalist do not wear their regalia out in public, we wear your street clothing. Many time I have been asked to run, M/C or Head Veteran a gathering. The first thing I would ask would be, "Will you invite teachers, school children, boy scouts, girl scouts, brownies, cub scouts and parents?


Where do you suppose it is the best way to teach our culture and ceremonies?

I am please that this seems to be something picked up on my other gatherings.

I also push real hard for meetings. As many before the gatherings as possible.

At many of these meetings there is always someone asking the "you do not look like an Indian". No, I come in comfortable street clothing and carry regalia to pass around while explaining our beliefs. At many meetings there is always a smarty someone that insists we wear our costume. I even had this clown dressed in his costume walking around the room tripping over chairs and children, a little tipsy, at a Masonic temple. The only place to get a central meeting, demanding that I change into a costume? I do not ever want to look like him.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are invited, with chaperons for the length of the gathering and are encouraged to learn our ways, with a chance to show off in the circle on Saturday and Sunday. They get to come to, join in on and eat for free and earn badges, with a catch. They must help with caring for the elderly, the venders with only one attendant for things like getting their food and so on and must attend each teaching about our culture with questions and badgers at the end of the gathering.

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