Could my husband participate in a Veterans Dance?


One of my friends asked a question that should have been answered long ago however, I never thought to write about it? I do not have permission to give you a name.

What a wonderful question, there are so many things I must say to all of my old, new and future friends that I am posting an answer also.

I have not been well the last few days although still trying to keep up with posting? :-(

First thing if I have not said so for awhile "Thank you for serving". As far as Native American powwows, gatherings, meetings and Paw-paus goes, I have never been to any of them that had a Veterans Dance without an invite to all veterans from any country, nation and tribe, please go into the circle, you will never be the same ever again. It is a wonderful experience to all. As I stated in my answer, if I am the Head Veteran of any of them, I do my best to get every man, women, and child into the circle for that dance. My circle's also invites your pets! We want to thank you all for serving and say something that it took 40 years for us to hear. "WELCOME HOME my brothers and sisters" and thank you families for what you were also put through, AHO

When I say any country I mean just that, through the years I have danced with warriors from most tribes and many countries such as, North and South Vietnam, Korea, China, Mexico, Canada and so on.

However, the parade that I was writing about is this my town (not a gathering).

It is trying to get a welcome home parade for any Vietnam Veteran, I believe in my area, because we, those Vietnam veterans, are the only ones not thanks for serving!

I will check however, you or your husband should contact your closes VA, see if they are going to do this also?

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