Mohegan Peace Pipe.

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Looking for information about our

Mohegan Peace Pipe?

Sorry we do not have one.

However, we have always had a (Friendship Pipe Ceremony)?

You may be asking. "So what is the difference"?

Good question.

First a Peace pipe from what I have been reading, was or maybe still is, used by the Plains Indians. I believe that back in olden times it was used at the beginning of all of those Western Indian treaties that the Euro Americans and Plains Indians made. The ones that the government demanded that the Indians keep until the end of time. However, the government broke just as soon as it got what it wanted from the Indians?

A Friendship pipe is what the traditional American first people up and down the east coast use for any ceremony with new and old friends. If after a meal friends wished to enjoy a traditional prayer, it is usually started with the pipe.

After meetings a friendly pipe might be enjoyed for all wishing to join in.

Many times after a battle, if both sides come to an agreement they would settle on a spot and smoke that pipe, sometimes the head clan mothers, if they wished, would serve a snack.

Our Friendship ceremonies were many times also enjoyed by our females, something I understand was never done out west?

Some of those "western tribal people" that come over to “teach our people about the correct ways of their ancestors”, would walk away from our pipe ceremonies if women joined in.

Finding this out we would always invite a female or two into the prayer circle if a westerner showed.

Our people also have a (Sacred Pipe).

This pipe would be used in ceremonies like Births, Adoptions, Weddings, Grandmother, Grandfather, Funerals and the four seasons as we moved around from place to place.

Always remember that when a Traditional Elder from an Eastern Woodland Tribe speaks of Smoking the pipe, it is never with chemical tobacco, it is always with herbs called Kinnick, Kinnick.

No one has ever become addicted to Kinnick, Kinnick!

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