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It would seem to me that some of my Google friends do not understand about my feeling toward most 'Reservation Indian' and their treatment of non reservation American Natives, so allow me to try to explain?

I will start at the end, or very near it and write back to my beginning if you please.

Show of hands, how many of you know Leonard Peltier?

Many years ago my partner, after seeing Dances with Wolfs, changed her major in college and took a trip to Wounded Knee Pine Ridge, she had no idea why!

While walking the valley of death, she felt someone was looking at her, she was alone at the time, turning she saw up on the hill a person walking slowly towards her. When this person came face to face, she said "Thank you for coming, we have been praying day and night for you to come. Anyway after long conversations, many hugs and much information, my partner went home and as promised started a website. This is that site


How many of you know Barbara Peltier, Leonard's sister?

This website has been evolving ever since and that person on the hill is Barbara Peltier!

I tell you this because only after meeting up with me did my partner know that she has our blood. she started writing on this website with what was told to her from the decadents of wounded Knee (Barbara, family and friends).

We both agreed to join the powwow trail, she, a lover of books, taught and sold Native American books and music. I taught and learned our ways and their ways. We did this for about 5 years. Now for the meat of this story, one day this young kid in his twenties (not naming the "tribe") opened the door to her motor home, told us that she should not be at any powwow because she does not carry a card, walked over to the refrigerator opened the door and ordered her to make him a sandwich! While he was picking himself up off the ground and I was sure that he would not be walking back in EVER, I reported to the powwow head veteran as to what happened. Stories like this where going on all of the time at "Indian Reservations" because her skin in not the right color?

P.S. My partner is the only person, to get invited back time and time again to the Schmitzen powwow in Connecticut!

My partner refuses to join any reservation Indian tribe and this is her right!

Now for my story

I wrote about our Paw paus and why we changes it to powwow, will the Euro Americans were not the only problem that we in the east were having with our gatherings. Two of the 'so called reservation Indians around the plains area' were coming around trying to change our gatherings into "the only real Indian powwows"! back in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

I have had them tell me that my family Pequot's and Mohegan's are not real Indians?

Of course, we are not Indians we are Mohegan's and Pequot's!

I have not heard this since the two largest casinos in Indian country are the ones in Connecticut?

Because of this president we are stuck with our own casinos!

President Reagan and the Indians

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