Uncas (Unkas) family

As I have stated many times before, enough money and you can change history.

Maybe not all of history, just twisted enough so that even you start to look legitimate?

Welcome to the visitor from City El Paso Texas looking for information about the Uncas (Unkas) family.

It gave me an opportunity to once again see the change in history?

For instance, remember that book report that I did back in the 50's about my people?

It would seem now that every town hall and liberty that I visited while doing this high school book report throughout the New England area were mistaken in their knowledge of their history?

My elders misunderstood some of the teaching of their elders and were wrong in some of their teaching because, Unkas was never a Pequot? He and his father were always Mohegan's and they tried several time to over throw the massively superior tribe of Pequot's? It was the Mohegan's not the Pequot's that destroyed every small tribe throughout Connecticut? It was not the English but the Narragansett's that helped Unkas overthrow the Pequot's, I am guessing, because in another website, Unkas took 50 of his warriors to the English and made them help in the overthrow?

The big one is that the royal bloodline ceased to exist for some unknown reason back in the 19th century?

I had a few of those websites to show however, I decided not to stoop to that level because we all must stand before Creator and answer for our actions! However, if you are interested they are now all on the internet?

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