'Native Americans teachings of my grandmother.'

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'Native Americans teachings of my grandmother.'

Reminding you as I always try to do, that you and your questions are on the west coast of Indian country.

My people are on the east coast of Indian country?

With this in mind, I will be pleased to answer your question with my knowledge of our culture an ceremonies as long as you understand that the distance between us could very well mean a difference in culture and ceremonies, as in the use of the word Grandmother?

Whenever you hear the word Grandmother spoken or written by a true traditional native American around the New York/New England area, it is spoken/written in reference to a female elder that has acquired the knowledge of the ancestors, culture and ceremonies of her tribe.

Usually this would also mean that she is also a Clan Mother, she might even be the Head Clan Mother.

She is now a member in good standing of the royal family.

Remember that this is not just speaking about age of this person.




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