Having a little problem finding Unkas.com?

Having a little problem finding Unkas.com?

 Welcome to my visitor from

Seattle Washington

Sorry to see that you did not make it to one of the correct sites? http://sachemspeaks.wordpress.com/who-is-sachem-uncas/

Looking for Unkas

You ended up at this one?

I can see why one would have a problem finding anything about the greatest Native American Sachem of recorded time, my opinion my blog, one must go through so much junk uncas's and/or junk sachem's and still may not find the truth?

I just wrote about this the other day.

( She-Chaim Unkas)

If you think that it was hard for you, think about how all of the ancestors feel.

For instance, a school named for him and his kindness to the area for years was changed to a green lizard soon after the casino Indians came to town!

For years it was our true tribal flag!

Many of his royal family came for a teaching social gathering with the children, dear I ask how many times lately?

The link

will no longer take you any place helpful unless you are extremely tenacious?

Why you may ask?

Can't have any Sachems or Uncas around that area for long.

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