Shechaim (Sachems) Native Bucket list

Little background before we dive into a bucket, if you please.

It is said that everyone has a bucket list?

Not everyone wants the world to know this list.

I need nothing and want only to please Kiehtan.

Mind you that the ancestors had a hard life, they did not know that they had a hard life, we today know that they did, after all how could anyone go minutes without texting while driving or talking on a cell phone.

They didn’t even drive.

Enough with the joking.

No rich and no poor.

Children learned from the adults, all of the adults.

No crime in the tribe.

They did not have criminals committing dozens of crimes while attorneys and judges keep letting them off with a little slap on the wrist.

They did not even have family members of the criminals picketing the tribe because the law enforcement correctly protected themselves while arresting the criminals.

One only committed a bad crime once!

No , it was not like the European justice, one was sent out of the tribe the same way that they came into the tribe and no other tribe would ever have anything to do with the shunned person!

If Shechaim were to work on a list it would go something like the following.

(1)- Live long enough to see ‘tribal nations’ once again become Tribes throughout Indian country and only run their gathering by natives from around the area of their gatherings.

(2)- Every group or tribe of natives throughout Indian country invite native guests to come enjoy the gathering, only as guest!

Guest members must remember that they are guest of the host tribe and make suggestions only if or when asked to do so, also goes for non natives invited to enjoy the gathering.

(3)- Follow, by website or blog,  groups of Native American Venders around gatherings throughout New England, New York and New Jersey reporting on the acuity of each group putting on the gathering as in staying with the culture and ceremonies of that area, only allow Native American Venders, sorry.

(4)- Become healthy enough once again to spend one complete powwow trail year traveling around New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and upper New York state, revisiting each tribe, both government recognized and Ancestor recognized.

Shechaim is very interested in observing likenesses and differences of each gathering from past visits and present visits while looking of a future agreement between natives now and the ancestors?

I would also enjoy another trip around Indian country again visiting all tribes.

(5)-  Each Casino Indian Nation to move forward by backing up a little and once again become a Native Tribe from the area that they built the casino in?

In other words kick out the mob, lobbyist, other tribe members, politicians and run the ‘nation’ with only native tribes from the area and then would, care for all of the indigenous peoples around your area?

Once again remember your leaders and that committees should be setup to pay the bills and gather the net profits, distributing equal amount to all of your tribal members, not just the committee as was always done in the past by the ancestors!

Last but by no means least, I would very much like to get back to schools from kindergarten to college with questions and answers from students of all ages with a program that would allow teachers and students time to discuss question before our meeting, also round tabling with teachers, clergy and other native for a better understanding and relationship between the group.

I really do want World Peace!

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