Smudging before entering the circle

Welcome to my visitor from

Orono Maine


Looking of information about smudging before entering the circle.

To one of my many websites and blogs about smudging.

As you might feel by now, smudging is almost being written to death.

Smudging the correct way

However, if you have ever been to my trackers you would see that questions keep coming and many answers keep getting it wrong.

We must not forget that smudging, as beautiful and important as it might be, is still just another form of prayer to our Supreme Being, Kiehtan (Creator) for something?

We have been in your town many time with my Uncle Russ (Chief Rolling Thunder) on the way to his reservation.

One of our many trips.

I spent time in town while on our way to Clan Mother Nettie Smith's Crossing Ceremony some years ago now.

Orono is a town in Penobscot County, Maine, United States.

It was first settled in 1774 and named in honor of Chief Joseph Orono of the Penobscot Nation.

It is home to The University of Maine.

Smudging the correct way

Again, remember prayers as with this smudging, are our way to get us in a place where we try to blank out the world for a talk with our Supreme Being, no matter what God we might be on our knees before?

The original powwows before first contact (Paw-paus) were always off to the west away from distractions with room to do our smudging, in those days smudging was with Kinnick - Kinnick Herbs, our tobacco.




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