Converting native Americans?

Just in case you would like another reason why the first people of this land laugh at and are impossible to get to seriously listen to your pitch as to why your religion is the only religion?

This is not an attempt to question religion, be it little of me to question the Quran, Torah, Bible or any other book of religious beliefs.

My Creator refuses to allow me to judge however if I were to question.

I would question religious people like the ones in the following website below.

I also must question so many religious leaders interpretation of their book on their religion?

This is also the main reason why it is so hard to get religious leaders along with native leaders into a roundtable discussion at high schools and universities.

Each time that I was invited to sit at the table or become a member of the audience, one would notice that questions from the students to religious leaders tend to quickly turn into a lengthy discussion rather than answers?

The following website is a Christians views about the indigenous peoples of the land (first people).

Native American Religions

Native American Occult Religion 's Worldview of a Supreme Being ; Native American Occult Religion 's Worldview of Jesus

As I have stated in so many websites and postings, there still are thousand of tribes, both recognized and non recognized by this the conquering nation of religious people.

While it is true that, as with religious nations, tribes may differ in some on ways to spirituality (we are not an occult, only phony tribes believe in the occult) we all get there through prayer to our supreme being no matter what name a tribal member uses.


Or should I say why does this make us heathens or an occult?

Is it because we refuse to except your floored interpretation of this Supreme Being?

Well, the true traditional spiritual believer's in Creator have watched your way and what happens to those that get in your religious way and want no part of your type of interpretation of your books.

Thank you for not asking but just trying to force your beliefs, but no thanks.

If we, the spiritual leaders were allowed by our Creator to judge you as you so often feel free to judge us, it would go something like this.

We watch the religious believers of the Quran kill everyone that does not except their way of interpretation of their Allah, sometimes by using themselves as the weapon?

Allah is a God of Love not death.

We watched through movies the killing of human, plants and animals in the past by the believers of the Torah.

Jehovah is the God of Love not death.

We watch today's abuse of little boys and girls and the insults, lies and murder committed by the believers of the bible.

Jesus Christ did not die on the cross so the a substitute could forgive the sins of priests or the people and your God is the God of Love.

We truly pray that you would consider becoming whatever you believe us to be and just obey (LOVE) Creator?

AHO (Amen).

Thank you to the visitor from the city of

Le Mars Iowa

For you question which lead me to the website in question on this posting.

Native American concept of a supreme being

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