American Indians with Blonde hair?

Boy does this bring back old wounds from past memories.

How many hundreds of times, or in my case thousands, did you go to powwows in the east and see dancers dressed in European cloth and stating that this is their Regalia?


To think about how many times people from the Plains Indian area would show at our gatherings in the east and carefully explain to us and our white European friends,

"why we cannot be real full bloods"!

Our skin is not dark enough, some of us have light color hair, some even blonde!

Remember that my grandfather, father and I along with some really traditional people, both men and women from all around the eastern tribes were the heads of this group of people being told that we could not be real natives?

 Today is

(Vindication Day)

Scientist through DNA is showing that Light Skin and Blonde Hair may have, in fact, started in this country, in the Dakota's Area!

So, I am guessing that all of those intruders into our gatherings from the west are, in fact, not Full Bloods?

Because they have dark skin and black hair!

Native Americans, Europeans share close ties: research http://www.chinapost.com.tw/life/discover/2013/11/23/394287/Native-Americans.htm

 Is it possible that two distinct peoples crossed the land bridge separately and met up in North America?

Several tribes living in what is now the United States, most notably the Mandan tribe that is native to the Dakotas, had strikingly European-looking features, including blond hair, when they were first met by French traders in the 18th century.

Graf said the new finding shows that those “European” traits are actually native to those tribes.

“What this study is telling us is that those European-looking signatures, those features, came with them over the land bridge from Siberia, and were present in people who lived in Siberia 24,000 years ago,” she said.

The migration paths that may have brought people across the Bering Strait Land Bridge.

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