Why is Grand Entry Sacred?

Welcome to the visitor from the City of Winston Salem North Carolina

Glad to have this question once again although this is the first in such a long time at calling it Sacred?

Makes one wonder just who is asking and why?

You see Grand Entry or (Cangi Sidiai Niungo) as it was called at a Paw paus and a powwow up until the early 1960's, was and should always be Sacred however, I have not heard it called Cangi Sidiai Niungo since returning from Vietnam in 1965.

It would seem that after the government made Casino Indians, nothing about the new gatherings is sacred?

One exception, because there is always an exception.

Many years ago while we were still called "The Book People,"

Donna teaches our culture using books and she is very good at it.

I teach in the circle and around the grounds.

At a gathering one year, the head veteran (Auburn University powwow) came asking to use my Pow-Mia Flag, I do not remember why?

After an agreement, because of the Bird of Prey Feathers plus some Sacred Pouches from past Crossing ceremonies, we walked it into the east and placed over the drum.

About an hour he came back with another Red Pouch and I said a fast prayer hoping that it was not for Grandfathers Staff!

He came asking if or when the drum could continue a dance because the flag was in the circle?

Point to this posting is.

He came to ask and not just move on with the gathering.

I'll tell you what I explained to him however, I believe that he was just being polite!

Once the flag and/or staff is placed, the gathering can continue.

I am not using a name because, this person is a veteran and a true traditionalist and I would never embarrass him however, this information was important for me to tell.




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