Meaning of AHO


On the 19th of December I receiver this question in my tracker, I guess because of being extra busy I did not answer?

Because the question came from a central state (Mississippi) and from another country (Japan)

I wish to make sure that it gets and answer, especially when Bing did not help much by only writing,

 'What does'!

Also because of their distance from my people one must remind the visitors that

I write answers from my knowledge from the teaching of my ancestors, (Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/People).

 Welcome to the visitor from the City of Moss Point Mississippi


An unknown city in Japan

Looking for information about our word AHO and the meaning of?

what does "aho" mean in Mohegan

Doukan desu

Sachem Speaks

Because of the (what does) my older website did not answer so, the simple answer is,

AHO can be used to finalize a statement something like "AMEM"


Just another way of saying " I agree with you".


 Doukan desu

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