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Aquai-Hello Aquine-Peace

While looking for information about

Aquai Mohegan?

Interesting to see that wannabe Indians up in your neck of the woods have seen it fit to recently change another Mohegan Word?

The correct spelling for as far back as I and my ancestors go the word has always been Aquai.

Out word for Peace was always Aquine while northern tribes would use Aquene!

Well there you go, see what happens to the culture when you must go north or west to look for answers that are as close as the nose on your face, because you had no one to ask?


Information for my followers, there is no one English word to correctly explain any of our New England Native American meanings.

Back in 1999 while my web-master

and I were building the site,

simplicity for the front page, the fact that not many cared about my people and to slow down those new government casino people from stealing our writing to use as their own, we just settled for a one word.

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