Albert Bender: peoples world

September 25, 2014 / sachemspeaks

Albert Bender: peoples world

Why is it the responsibility of the President to always do for ‘we the people’ what our congress was voted into office to do?

My dear brother in arms professing at helping all of the brothers and sisters through-out Indian Country.

You write a smooth letter on ways that our president can/should,

‘circle around the congress of this country.’

You do not hesitate to drop the ball and then go on to forget the congress “Do Nothings” to continue with blame targeted only at the president?

What makes you any better than the non-native writers?

Kicking our leader because this country voted in a group of freeloading HATERS of the, poor, middle-class, Indian, Native American, Puerto Ricans, Mexican and African-Americans in this country?

This my brother, is why we are in the pickle that we are in, people like yourself.

Because of my respect and love for our brother Mr. John Trudell, I feel that he has earned the right to say and do as he pleases,

“No Comment!”

Albert Bender is a Cherokee Indian. He is a freelance reporter and political columnist for News From Indian Country, and other Native and non-Native publications. He is also a historian and attorney specializing in Native American law. Currently, he is writing a history of the Maya Indian role in the Guatemalan civil war of the late 20th

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