Allah is not Kiehtan.

Is not Islam teaching a prayer?


Today on WFTV it would seem that after checking, Islam is still being taught in our school systems?

It would seem to me that it is a horrible thing to have anyone in this country start a meeting with a prayer, I guess no matter the religion except Islam?

And it is still OK to teach our children the religion of Islam in our schools?

That History-book teaching the Muslim religion of Islam is still being used in our school system, WHY?

Whatever happened to division of church and state?

If it is wrong teaching the Christian, Judean or any other religion also wrong for prayer why are we still teaching Islam?

Florida School history book about Islam teaching


Allah is not Kiehtan.

Allah is not Jehovah.

Allah is Allah.


I believe in Kiehtan.

Kiehtan is Jehovah.

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