feathers for our first Shechaim

Seven feathers of Shechaim Unkas (Uncas)

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Looking for information about feathers on our first Shechaim, you are calling Sachem?

What is the specific meaning of the feathers on the Bust of Sachem Uncas?


After scanning the sites that you were on while checking I can see your confusion.

First, if I was to choose a first, would be that there are no known photos of Shechaim Unkas, people can only guess according to the year and the area of the people while he was our leader.

Next would be the long hair of our people at the time that he was our leader, no long hair.

There were no Witches, Warlocks, Sayers, the Occult, or Shamans in our tribe while he was our leader and at no time while any Shechaim was our leader?

Leaders before and after wore a roach usually made of porcupine needles without feathers.


Because in times past, tree branches and bushes would tangle the head piece and their hair, real hard on the head while trying to run in times of a battle?

there were and still should be 7 feathers on the Royal Staff however nothing to do with jewelry or witch craft!

I will not be writing down the order of the feathers or were they are places because of so many wannabe copycats lately?

Bald Eagle

Coopers Hawk


Golden Eagle





I see that my NLHS has moved to a new location from my days in school?

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