Oh wait, we are already there?

It is not often, if ever, that I can agree with anyone that has gone all the way through school and into high school, let alone one that is a Lancaster School Board Candidate and through all of those years has managed to Flunked the History of the United States of America?

However, I find myself in total agreement with Lin and Kelly Hughes Depczynski !

We the Natives of this land must go back to our land!

 'Oh Wait'
We are already there?
Lin/Kelly, your move?

Lancaster School Board Candidate Agrees Indians Should 'Go Back to the Reservation'

If you do not like what your landlords wish to change in our land that you are a squatter on "You can Move?

Words to my followers.

This my friends is why I refuse to use the word 'Reservation' not a native word!

I call them Jail or prisons because this is what the invading government intended!

The Indians that allow this word to continue just to be able to get a few crumb, at the expense of their brothers and sisters not on these reservations get just what they deserve from this government!

Enough Said.

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