Mohegan History

I see that the Casino Indians are again on the Warpath?

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Mohegan History


The signature of Sachem Uncas

From the Arizona State University Archives:

Signatures of Connecticut Sachems

For reasons unknown, the University of Connecticut

has removed their web page about the

signatures of Connecticut Sachems.

Embarrassingly, but thankfully,

the University of Arizona remains

as the single source for this valuable

information about my Mohegan Ancestors.

It would also appear that the University of Arizona has also removed the site?

Me thinks that the Government Controlled Casino Indians are once again on the War-Path!

Still cannot tell the truth can we?

*Just in case this last source also disappears,*

as so many have concerning Native people,

we have backed up the page here:

 Lets see if they can talk tahtonka into the same?

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