Was there No Mohegan until Uncas took the name?

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Let's start with a fact, Uncas did not chose the name Mohegan, a clerk at the town hall miss spelled the name, (Mohiigan) however, while looking back at our records I believe that Shechaim Ohjieshan Poquiam, (Unkas)-(Uncas) another misspelling, might have used an older misspelled word Mohican just as we his decedents do now and again because we get tired of correcting non-Mohiigan's?

Fact, our people were in the Great Lakes Area as farmers and were bullied east by aggressive neighbors until we had no place else to go other then the ocean and took our village as what you now call Pequot's, another misspelled name (Moheganeak)!


I know as clear as mud?

Please read more when you have the time?

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