Great question by one of my long time readers

Another Great question by one of my long time readers

Thank-you for your question because as you all know, I am stumbling along as best I can and when and for sure I will, I leave questions,

I count it a blessing when anyone has a question to clear thing up, you asks?

After all remember, I would also have many questions of interest about your culture, as will I should?

As I explained to a few of my faithful readers this morning, we are following doctors directions with the love of our lives "Breanna," (prayers requested), doing what we can until Tuesday at her doctors or sooner so we are not on the computer much lately.

Now as for the question, thank-you for your help and the question.
Remember and this is extremely important.
"The post is about a "Sacred Circle,"

it is also important for me to now once again remind you that,

"the only dumb question is the one that you think of but do not ask!"

If one has any questions about my posting it is always my fault and never yours because it is my culture and my responsibility to explain completely, something that is still hard for me!

I want everyone to know that Florida as well as many states do have many "powwows" the question was once again,

"Sacred Circle?"

In this state (powwow, gatherings and meetings) like in most others are not with a Sacred Circle and this is OK.

I am always writing to protect my readers from phony wannabes just looking into your pockets with what they want one to believe is a sacred culture as in a Sacred Circle?

As stated earlier this was a Great Question!

This is why I try to always state that my answers are from my constant pestering at the knees of my elders now ancestors starting from around age 5 or 6.


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