Mohegan chief Rolling Thunder

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to a number of our postings about our people while looking for information about a Mohegan Chief by the name of Rolling Thunder?

The Storey Clan in the main website.
My Family posting on Google
Chief Silver Eagle posting on Google?
Storey Clan on an old tripod website

And some old 'Whiteman Wannabe' playing a guitar in a tent?

With the one obvious exception, you did come to our sites so let's answer from my people?

The only true Chief Rolling Thunder of a traditional Mohiigan (Mohegan) Tribe was my uncle,

Uncle Russ a 'Full Blood Penobscot' and last chief, and a descendent from the royal line of Chiefs his Grandmother Chief Nettie Smith the last true chief on record.

Because he married into the Mohiigan family and was our historian on his people and many tribes north of ours, in 1938 Shechaim Ohjieshan (Vulpsune) Tallfox adopted him as a Chief Elder in our tribe.

Chief Rolling Thunder - Russell Smith - Penobscot A Penobscot/Mohegan Leader.

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