Indians and the Colonial Army

What Gen. Washington Learned from Native Warriors: Indians and the Colonial Army

Standing in an open field in a straight line was a stupid way to fight and nothing to do with being a gentlemen?

Ducking below the line of fire or behind trees and boulders was a wise enough way to live another day, another fight and not being a coward?

Fighting at close quarters with a gun-powered, single shot, long rifle, was foolish, the use of a knife and/or hatchet won the battle.

While Indians picked sides according to perceived tribal interests, they had more impact allied with the French, who had always been more willing than the British to transfer firearms, gunpowder, and shot. In addition, the French were more often trappers who needed Indian guides and therefore were more likely to learn indigenous languages and to marry in. The British were more likely to clear land and evict the former occupants.

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