Mary Gleason Sumner

Uncas and his Bolton friendship
Welcome Manchester Connecticut
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Mary Gleason Sumner.
Bolton Mohiigan's of Manchester Connecticut
Uncas and his Bolton friendship
Mohegan youths and their leader participating in a powwow on the Bolton town green in 1920 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Bolton.

Mary Gleason Sumner appears to be the third person on the leader's left.

Photo courtesy Genevieve Robb

Unfortunately I know very little about the people or the tribe exception, what my elders spoke and the two elders from Bolton.

I know nothing about Mary Sumner except what they, the two decedents of Mary, both were men spoke of.

From what I remember, back in the days of the "Pequot Wars" and soon after many members of the tribes up and down the east coast moved west running from the colonist armies, some settled in Bolton other continued west and settled around Winnebago.

And then many moved back to Bolton.

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