Native American Shamans in Florida

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To a few of our postings about Shamans in the native culture.

What is Shamanism?

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Medicine man or Shaman stories?

While looking for information about,

Native American Shamans in Florida

There were a number of (Indian) Native American tribes living in Florida before the Spanish came.

Timucuans/Tequesta come to mind if one wishes to talk about native beliefs?


Today there are about a hundred or so 'patched up occult Algonquian tribes' floating around the state.

However this does not make them a real First People Tribe of Native Americans.

The closest tribe (village of people), one can come to having an occult shamans became existent soon after the Dutch and/or long before the Spanish showed up.

Just because these tribes, the Timucuans/Tequesta worshipped the Sun, Moon and animals does not mean that they were of the occult?

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