Can you re-gift native tobacco offerings

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To one of our posting on Traditional Native American Gifting.

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

While looking for information about,

" Can you re-gift native tobacco offerings?"

The short answer is YES of course you can.

If you have ever been to any of our Websites and/or Blogs you know by now that a short answer from Shechaim Ohjieshan is only the beginning.


All gifts are given to you through Mother Earth from your Creator, so we believe that Creator smiles when you gift any gift?

Our Sacred Tobacco is a mixture of herbs we call Kinnick-Kinnick.

Remember if you will that this site and all of our websites and blogs are from the teaching of the ancestors in and around The New England Area.

That said, also remember that not one of our ancestors had a border to keep them from traveling north and south of what we now call the

' Canada/United States Border'!

And our people did travel north, south, east and west to visit many friends in other tribes.
As for what to say, it does not matter much as long as you are
 walking with your Creator?
So just pray on it?

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