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April 18, 2012 / sachemspeaks

Is smudging Christian

As my followers and friends know, I have answered this question a few times in the past.

However, because there is still so much confusion, faults teaching and wannabe Indians on the internet and in the news over the past years, I am willing to keep on repeating myself for better understanding by my followers, friends and the public so please understand?

I need to keep writing both 'followers and friends because I must remind myself of the many follow, for only they know why, just keep following and the few that ever keep in touch or like the postings?

A Native American Smudging in and around the New England area as I have learned by my ancestors teaching, is one of many ceremonies as a prayer to Grandfather Kiehtan (Creator).

Therefore by noticing many, not all, Christians ceremonies, each has its own way of Smudging (Praying).

So, it should never matter how you pray, only if you pray?

Because this question is from our good neighbors up north in Canada, I must also point out that many tribes in that country have their own Smudging Ceremony.

Yes, many of you know by my past postings some do not because, our ancestors never have and never will, worry about a

Hope that this answers your question?


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