Wannabe Leaders

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Wannabe Leaders!
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Wannabe Tribe


There were no leaders and this is why.

At the beginning of first contact, a time of contact from outside of our area by non-native people and tribes from other areas.

The Dutch and French trappers and the Spanish conquistadors devastated the tribes up and down the east coast with their disease, treatment of the women and their weapons.

And then along came the English and then the government!

So hundreds of these tribes up and down the east-coast and west to the Mississippi River, were forced to keep their culture with just a skeleton group of families.

Remember, we were the ones called Savage!

In the 1940's 50's and early 60's because our ancestors were able to keep together in a small group under the radar so to speak, my grandfather, the family and elders from his meetings would visit these groups of people in their Native American Villages.

Yes, real Indians (Native Americans) long before this government disowned them and the Government Controlled Casino Indians, Shunned (turned their backs) on them!

Because of a lack of leadership and no longer under a Shechaim  or Matriarch Clan Mother because of what had happened to them in their past, they were desperate to learn the keeping of their culture and ceremonies and would meet us with open arms.

Remember that in my Grandfathers meetings were many elders from all over the New York, New England area.

In the late 1970's and 1980's 'Renegade Indians' from west of the Mississippi river, shunned by their tribes, started showing up in the east trying to teach our people their ways!

If they could not make it in their tribes what would make our people think that they could make it in ours?

Simple, lack of strong leadership!

The Shechaim, their Head Clan Mothers and chief's had to go underground, so to speak, to stay alive.

This meant that it was next to impossible to openly teach our ways in some splinter tribes.

Also many Canadian Patriarchy Tribes started coming down to infiltrate the area.

The area still has a hand full of those tribes today!

To top this off along came the Euro-Americans with their Celtic Occult beliefs in the late 1980's and 1990's!

Mind you that none of this outside corruption means that they no longer have a tribe of good people, just because their leadership, ceremonies and culture is now polluted.

This is now my destiny, to keep our Traditional culture, ceremonies and teaching alive for our and their Descendants.

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