What is a Wannabe Indian Follower?


Welcome to my visitor from Uncasville Connecticut
Your confusing statement and an answer to your question.

(I need to keep writing both 'followers and friends' because I must remind myself of the many follower, over (500) that only they know why, just keep following? And the few friends that keep in touch or like the postings?)

As I just wrote to one of my long time friends, Follower/Friends Angie (Kentucky Angel).

I started back in the early 1980's writing in DOS trying to keep my elders and ancestors alive in the hearts and minds of the Mohiigan Family because we could see that we were losing touch and or passing on (Crossing Ceremony) far too fast.

I had an old 4 MB computer and writing on Netscape and EarthLink in dial up!


Years later with a new computer I was able to get a tracker to help find and answer questions from family and friends.

While checking the tracker I noticed that many others were asking the same question and many other questions?

So I started answering as best I could and that the time I even had elders to check with first.

I discovered that even though I had family and friends following the website, I also had over 3,000 un-known followers?

I also noticed that I recognized most of them as greedy, phony, "Non-Indians!"

We call (Wannabe Indians)!

Because of our many years out on the powwow trail I discovered that most of my followers were from different gatherings and powwows through-out Indian Country.

People that just sold junk, or store bought trinkets and clothing made outside of this country?

Back then no one would be allowed at a traditional native gathering selling non native material!

Today the non native material is the normal and native made is the rarely found idem!

To make matters worse, just about all of them were also 'selling' Naming, Weddings, Burial (as in Funeral) as so on, Ceremonies!

As my close followers know, selling a Sacred-Ceremony is against the teachings of our ancestors and frowned on by Kiehtan!

After also learning how to dump these Crooked Wannabes, thanks also to a long time followers, (Pacific Paratrooper).

I felt the need to write, where or when necessary, Friends/Followers?

So, I am able to keep my followers down to people that really wish to read and/or learn about our traditional tribe?


Any tribal person in and around Connecticut should already have known this?

Shechaim Ohjieshan

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