Arabs and Israelites fighting?

Abram became Abraham in 4169 B.C.
Joshua enter the promised land with the Israelites about 1401 BC.

The northern kingdom, Israel, fell to the Assyrians in 722 B.C.
The southern kingdom Judah fell to the Babylonians in 605 B.C.

With the final destruction of Jerusalem coming in 586 B.C.

After the Assyrian conquest of the northern tribes


the deportation of Judah in the Babylonian captivity.

Cyrus king of Persia (IRAN)

Cyrus conquered Babylon on October 12, 539 B.C

Cyrus the Great ruled the whole known world at this time.

Released the (Jews) back to Jerusalem in 538 B.C.

Cyrus the Great” was the powerful king of Persia (559-529 B.C.) who released the Jewish captives to return to Jerusalem, after he had made the Persians the dominant nation in the ancient world.

Ezra Chapter 1:1
And if you read this you will also see that he returned all of their possessions with them?

The Jews originally inhabited what is now Palestine, then called Israel, during the days of the Roman Empire.

The Jews were forcibly removed from their homes during the Diasporas (dispersion) and that is when they started turning up in Europe and other places in the world.

Throughout history, the Jews were scapegoats for many of the world's problems, and they found themselves being persecuted in their new lands.

There were many "mini-holocausts" in which Jews were targeted and killed (especially in Russia).

At the turn of the 19th century, a movement called Zionism started.

After WW-1 England got control of Palestine and the Jews began pressuring England to allow them to immigrate back to Israel, now controlled Palestine.

WW-2 the main holocaust happened.

The Jews of Europe have been virtually obliterated.

If they are lucky enough to be alive, they certainly have no homes to return to.
Once again, the pressure was on England to allow them to return to Palestine/Israel.

Israel, a new country, expanded its territory into what the UN had declared Palestinian territory.

By 1967 many of the middle eastern countries were fed up with Israel and a war broke out.

It was short and Israel was the victor, ensuring more land for the Jews (actually what was left of Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza Strip).

So the Jews forced the Palestinians off of the land that the Palestinians had occupied for thousands of years
specific land that was ancient Israel.

So now the big question is,
 should the world force Israel to give back Ancient Israel
 because the Palestinian were land grabbers after the hundreds of assaults by many countries in the area?

If so then
the world must force Canada and the United States to give back the land of the "First People"
because both countries were squatters after the many Native Americans Holocausts?

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