Matriarch by order of the Ancestors


Matriarch by order of the Ancestors

A Matriarch in a Matriarchal society must show for many years that she is working for the people.

I have no desire to follower any female not following a Matriarch, and this is why.

A Shechaim is born as the Shechaim.

From the 1940, through to the 1970, adults, both males and females, of a Matriarchal society were teaching me.

By the 1980's while still learning our ways, I because an adult responsible to also teach.

In most of the tribes and clans, in all of this time, one could dress to swim, anywhere in the New England States, leave everything on a log, rock or table and play all day.

Come back to dress and not one thing would be touched.

Exception, I have watched a few times when a child playing would knock things on the ground, that child or anyone walking past, would pick things up, dust them off and place them back from where it fell.

No one was shot, stabbed, mugged, bullied or raped.

While growing up, I personally witnessed a blessing from Creator, placing a Matriarch (Matriarchal society), to see over the tribe.

The Shechaim was the leader and the Matriarch controlled the people.

The Shechaim did his thing by keeping peace with other villages, clans, tribes and the outsiders.

The Matriarch was the head and teacher of the people, hence the main reason why there was very little trouble within the clans of the tribe.

This is why I have so much trouble understanding this countries females and their love for a known dreamer and a phony?

Moreover, I do not understand the dislike of a strong lifetime champion for the rights of these very females.

If she were perfect in every way, she would be up in heaver with Creator.

Bernie Sanders was not born to a Royal Family.

His only qualifications are a plan that cannot and will never work, without the consent in a vote, for the plan from congress, this congress will never do such a thing.

Congress does not like him.

Bernie Sanders can never be a Shechaim, so why try to make him into a president.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, has been working for the people all of her adult life.

I say that this qualifies her as a Matriarch; lets help her make this country into a Matriarchal society?

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