A Native American Name does not come from a Native American

A Native American Name does not come from a Native American

 This needs to be said, again, and again, and again!

Then repeated, again, and again, and again.

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Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol


I know your city, our people traveled in and around that land for centuries.

Native and non-native, are constantly looking for one of our ‘Sacred Ceremonies’, this one seems to be at the top of the list?

So, let us back up a few centuries to find the correct answer from the ancestors,

shall we?

Our ancestor’s upbringing from their ancestors, always respected creation and feared (Love) Kiehtan (Creator).

Therefore, when making any type of important decision, asked (Prayed), until receiving an answer from Kiehtan; this included all sacred ceremonies dealing with our culture, always.

What I am telling you is, be very careful whom it is that you are seeking information from before you accept any answer.

If you want (deserve), a Native American name there better be plenty of time allowed in prayer from the person asking and to whom that person is asked, before an answer (blessing), is receiver from Kiehtan.

In other words, a stupid question, asked to a stupid person will always end with a stupid answer.

Every true traditionalist will know a stupid name, so only a fool will want to wear a stupid name, got it?

A Native American Name always comes from Kiehtan.

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