Uncas Mohegan

Welcome New London Connecticut
To one of our posting about our people.
Sachem Walkingfox Carries His Mohegan Staff
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 rainbow walker

I would like to make a 'little'
(Big), correction
out on the internet by the
server that you were using?

Although sometimes I look as old as he (Uncas) would be today,
and most of the time
I feel like it,
I am not Uncas!

I wish that I was alive when he ruled and do not wish for him to be alive today.

If I was alive back then, imagine the ancestors that I would get to meet?

If he were alive today, we would have the first real crying Indian in the media!

Iron Eyes Cody (born Espera Oscar de Corti
was a Sicilian-American Actor.

What a tremendous mess our people have made of

"Mother Earth"

and themselves around Mother Earth and up in your area.

Also, while we are at it.

Uncas was 'Never' a chief of the Mohegan People.

He was however, a chief (War-Chief), of the Pequot's.

Uncas, all three, were

Shechaim Ohjieshan's.

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