Why am I picking on Indians?

Welcome Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I am not picking on your city, state or you're Indians, unreservedly.

In fact, I like the city, your state and most of the "Indians."

The whole point of that post

Tribal Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton

Was to ask a very simple question?

First a little history might be in order?

For 74 years, no one,
west of New York,
south of Connecticut,
east of Maine
north of Vermont
ever heard of the senator from Vermont!

Ever wonder why?

Because the only people of any important to him, were the old white people of Vermont that elected him.

What is the percentage of indigenous in Vermont even today?

For less than a year,
thanks to his hidden donations
from the Koch Brothers,
The Republican Party.
The Super-Pac's,

along with an unruly, destructive, mob of paid thugs,
he is everywhere!

A hand full of (Indians) and I must use that term loosely, chose this fake with no contact to your people, over a family of politicians that you know have cared about your city, state and all of the Indians of the Plains for a number of years!

That family was, is and will always be
Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Am I wrong about this statement?

The central, plains and western tribes are not the only ones in question.

A (tribe)
once again I use the term loosely,
of Indians in New England,
chose to hand over to an Old White Monarch,
a Blessed by Creator, awaken, for use in "Sacred Ceremonies Only,
Ceremonial Sacred Pipe?"
Our Ancestors are rolling over in their graves so fast, so often,
that Mother Earth might think that it is an Earthquake!

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