How to "Make America Great Again!"

How to "Make America Great Again!"
keeping on making America Great!
We already have a good start with,
Melania Trump's Republican Convention Speech.

By following what has been working for the past 8 years
under President Barrack Obama.
Only without the
"Do Nothing Congress!"
Melania Trump Republican Convention Speech
Bears Striking Similarities to Michelle Obama Address

By NBC News
Published 07/19 2016 04:11AM

A chunk of Melania Trump's Republican National Convention speech appears to have been lifted from Michelle Obama's address at the 2008 Democratic convention.

Trump said on the TODAY Show that she wrote the speech largely on her own,
 telling host Matt Lauer that:
"I read once over it, and that's all.
Because I wrote it…with as little help as possible."

Her emotional address to GOP delegates on Monday night sought to show her husband's softer side, a star turn that quickly drew glowing praise.

Then a journalist pointed out the striking similarities —
almost word for word at points —
to the first lady's speech from 2008,
a plagiarism controversy exploded.

Plagiarism questions, arise
 Melania Trump's
Republican National Convention speech.
By The Times-Union Tue, Jul 19, 2016

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