All Veterans Rock!

Donald, I am a Citizen of Mother Earth
the United States of America.
I am a proud member of the Moiigans.
The (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

I am also proud to have server my country
and her people in a war.

(The Vietnam Conflict, War).
I was not 'Captured,'
I do not feel as if I was partially great,
because I was a very small member of a very large group
of  people that served their countries all around the world.

I like people the were captured
the ones like me,
that were not captured.

 "As You Will Never Know,"
All Wars are Hell!
I love God (Kiehtan),
my family, all veterans,
friends, neighbors,
and even, at times,
people like you.

Because of the above posting,
I will not, nor have I ever, voted for a
"Draft Dodging, Coward,
you seem to be proud to call yourself!"

Mr. Trump,
will never know
how it feels
to kneel by a friend,
while holding that
persons head together
waiting for help to arrive!

you and your doctors
made sure that you
did not have to get involved in
"serving your country."
Mr. Trump,
is not war,
this is,
like you,
the people that

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