Google Mountain View California

Welcome Google Mountain View California

To my Google BlogSpot site
At BlogSpot.
Welcome Melbourne Florida and the World


I would like to be able to answer many, many more visitors from your server.

However, I cannot, because your server is not telling me who, what, when or where visitors are coming from and what their questions are?

As I have stated for years, I like it, actually, I love it when you write.

As long as there is one person asking one question
one person around capable of answering that question truthfully,
even if the answer is

"I do not know."

Our people cannot be completely assimilated,
our ancestors will not be forgotten.
Remember, old people like,

yours truly,

now retired to places like California and Florida,
do not understand your analyzer, Microsoft or WordPress states.

We understand and can afford trackers.
(a free tracker by the way)!

In this case I see that the question was from your Google Server,
found out that it came from Google Mountain View California.

However most of the time I just see that the question was from Google?
Yes, I do use your Google site?

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