Moiigans (Maïngan) Teaching

Moiigans (Maïngan) Teaching
Welcome Bremerton Washington
To one of our teaching postings, (Teaching).

Mind you,

I received 10 visitors on this blog today
and my tracker only shows
one question.

So, if you have questions and are not getting an answer please write or comment on one of our  postings.

I am a retired elder that loves his people
and wish to keep the ancestors alive in print
for those few that still wish can read about.

I am not a professional teacher, a business- person,
and refuse to own a casino.

Therefore, the tracker is a free one for you to enjoy.

After my retirement, as my followers know,

Kiehtan stopped my complaining about people ripping off the ancestors.

And reminded me that the information about the ancestors
Was given to them for free
I am to write to you free.
Hence the free tracker.
For now,
you will notice a number of

Political Jib-a-Jabber
on some of our sites.

This will stop and be remover
after the November elections

And is only there
because of the lies
and other bombardment
Hateful people
two of my friends
(The Obama family)
(Clinton Family)

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