Native American leaders concerned about Voter ID laws

Native American leaders concerned about Voter ID laws

While this is a 'Real Step' to getting our rights back throughout Indian Country, it is still only a

"Baby Step"!

Vote out the law makers and vote in the law changers!


We the First People throughout Indian Country
from the
Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean,
from the
Canadian Border to the Mexican Border.
Must stop fighting and nit picking
our Voting Choice


Remember, regardless of your political beliefs,
to think about the political party
that has been crushing our people
since gaining control of our congress
so many years ago,
at least the past 30 plus years.

No Human is perfect!
Therefore, politician will not be able to
fit into all of your ideas and plans,
about your country.

How is your state and federal congress working out
to help and/or protect you and your families?

A series of recent court decisions could change the rules about how Americans will be casting votes in November, including in North Dakota.

A federal judge blocked North Dakota's ID law, saying it infringed on the rights of Native Americans.

"We have real barriers, they are not perceived barriers, having a physical address is a barrier in many places in Indian country.

Having a birth certificate is still a barrier,"

said Jacqueline Pata,

The executive director of the National Congress of American Indians.

Pate says she was relieved after a North Dakota law that would have tightened ID requirements was blocked.

"Creating such strict rules that you couldn't even use a passport or a military ID to be able to vote, definitely becomes a hurdle for native Americans who may not have access to get the appropriate state issued drivers license or alternative ID,"

Pate explained.

"These are conservative judges that are finding that the state legislature went too far,"

Said Pratt Wiley,

National Director of Voter Protection at the Democratic National Committee.

Wiley says the law would have amounted to having people pay to vote.

"The cost of obtaining a photo ID is disproportionately harder on the Native American community, especially in North Dakota than it is for the population as a whole," he explained.

This decision is the latest setback in the courts for Republican led- efforts to enact voter ID laws with the intent of curbing voter fraud. Gray Television reached out many times to the Republican National Committee and the North Dakota Republican Party, but our requests for a comment were never even acknowledged.

While Pata considers the North Dakota decision a victory, she says her work is far from over.

“We need the Department of Justice to step up and to be able to help ensure to protect our native citizens to exercise their right to vote," she explained.

North Dakota's secretary of state, Al Jaeger says

The state will follow the federal judge's order.

In a recent interview, he indicated he'd like to tackle the issue again during the next legislative session.

Remember, if you will?
There are literally, thousands of our people
state by state
no longer allowed to
claim their ancestors!
Because of, well-placed assimilation laws
narrowing their so-called
right to their own past!

If we,

forgetting about this

(Mind Control Hypnosis 
“The Inception Method”
Implanting Thoughts In The Minds of Others)!

Stick together to vote for the best candidate for our people
each election,
we will finally receive the respect the we,
(not that we earned,
but that we deserve)!
Vote out the law makers and vote in the law changers!

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