Stealing Sacred Native American Tribal Lands

Republicans In Bid To Steal Sacred Native American Tribal Lands

August 16, 2016

Republicans Lay Groundwork To Strike A Blow To Native Americans Here is more proof that Republicans hold nothing sacred –…



Native American ‘Traditional Gathering’ Agreements Could Be Eliminated

There are eleven Southern California Native American tribes who have “traditional gathering” agreements to collect “subsistence items and basket weaving materials.” This includes acorns, nuts, cactus apples, and medicinal plants. Furthermore, Native American tribal members also occasional request for other items. These requests are then weighed against existing regulations and environmental laws.

As Sapp says, they “do the most good” with the resources available. And he believes that the federal government is doing well with the land management.

The GOP land-grabbers did allow for some public lands to remain open for “appropriate activities like hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting.” But there were very little specifications on which lands would be available. Because of that, tribal agreements like the one held in the San Bernardino National Forest could just disappear.

And this attempted land grab is one of many reasons why Donald Trump isn’t popular among Native American tribes.

Donald Trump Could Grant Greedy GOP Wishes

Trump has been pretty vague on his own positioning, which should surprise absolutely zero people. And it’s varied, as well — which should also surprise no one. Back in January, he seemed to be against the idea. Trump wasn’t sure if the state would “keep the lands great.”

And yes, that is an actual quote.

But Trump toed the party line pretty closely in May. His chief policy adviser mentioned a “shared governance structure.” This would give states and local governments more power in how land is managed. And it would allow for more development around certain areas in the west, as well as give companies better access to minerals.

Then Trump then told Congress to “get on board.” This is seen as an endorsement of weakening or eliminating federal control over those lands.

Democrats Will Take A Stand For Native American Rights

But Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party stand in stark contrast to the GOP position. She dismissed the very idea as an “ideological argument” from the GOP.

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