Debate, what debate?


Donald Trumps Birther statement for the last 7 1/2 years, brings up a sore spot in my life.
Because my Great, Great Grandmother Laura Brown, a slave from the underground railroad, has no birth certificate.

So, I lost all of my ancestors from her side of the family and you all know how I love and try to keep their words alive in print.

 Harry Connick Jr dance this morning

I thank God for eyes to see, ears to hear and a nose to sniffle.

I thank God,
(No matter what name you chose to call your 'Supreme Being).
For eyes to see and ears to hear Hillary crush Donald at every turn and a nose to sniffle.

However, not the Sniffling that Donald had to do all through the debate.

(Bad Mike my foot)!
While trying to get off defense and onto the offence!


A place that he stayed while debating the inferior republican debaters!

The very best reason for all of my life came today came while listening to our media.

They were stumbling over themselves with distaste for Donald's performance


Praise for Hillary's presidential
Fact-checking Donald.
doing this all morning long this day!

In my media channels, watching people 'the likes of', NBC's Matt Lauer, beating up needlessly on Hillary Clinton.

I watched this day as even,
(Matt Lauer)
phrasing her.
NBC's Anchor Chuck Todd thinks that moderator Lector Holt did a good job.


Rudy Giuliani wants to either cancel the next debate unless
the next debate is with another
(Lector Holt type),
of a ball-less, man, moderator.

The point is,


woke up today and are, for now, telling it like it is.

The (Three Monkeys),
Fox, CNN and MSMBC, are still living in the dark ages!

 CNN and MSNBC are trying to step off of the Trump Fence.

While even 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC,
is being fear to Hillary.


Kasie Hunt and Mika Brzezinski are agreeing with Morning Joe,
with using the 'still however' act!
I would pay money to watch,
MSNBC political correspondents Kasie Hunt and Mika Brzezinski

on trips to 112 countries
while holding their own
with known
male, chauvinistic, leaders.

And also spend the
hours and hours being drilled first by the Republican Congress
then by the FBI for over a year.

still come out
smelling like a dozen roses,
from a large group of thorns!

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