Free Water Testing

New Wales Mosaic plant in Polk County, Florida
Free Water Testing.

How tap water became toxic
in Flint, Michigan

How many times
did the
Pacific Gas and Electric
test their own water before they were forced to tell the truth

California aquifers
with billions of gallons
of fracking
California Aquifers Contaminated
With Billions Of Gallons
Fracking Wastewater
The Edwards Aquifer
is one of the most
valuable water resources
 in the central Texas area.

This aquifer provides water for municipal, industrial, and agricultural uses.

A number of cities rely on the aquifer as their only source of drinking water.
This same thing is happening in
South Dakota,
and on and on, and on.

The Keystone XL pipeline will pollute
the Ogallala Aquifer
it leaks
and so far the company building the pipe
has an (F) rating as for their pipes leaking!

Can we in Florida get a second opinion of our testing?
The reason why I ask now is,
We already know, even before the test, that it will be coming back,

 OK. to drink water.

Mosaic plant owner to pay for testing of neighboring wells.

70 neighbors have signed up for testing of their water, how many have well, how many are from the city?

Who is going to do this 'Free Testing' paid for by the owner of the company?

How many more neighbors should be signing up for a 'Free Test of their water?

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