The Flag is a 'Piece of Cloth'

The Flag is a 'Piece of Cloth'

The Flag, the Star Spangle Banner Song, and Saluting them is in remembering of every

"Fallen military personnel,"
In our past many died for your right to protest your flag.

Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoeare, are too young to have been in a war in support of their country.

However, the flag, and what it stands for is not.

Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoeare do not have to go to war, because there is no draft.
We should,
"No we must,"

Remember that this country still has our military personal in service, ready, willing, and able to die, get captured and/or be wounded to help keep America Free.
Many of your veterans were drafted;

Senator John McCain comes to mind.

Many of our people chose to hide from the draft,

Donald Trump, comes to mind.
The point being, I believe is,
Please remember your military Personnel before you do anything that, we your veterans, might feel slighted by?

Thank-you all of my friends, followers and American Citizens!

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