China hardware could be used for Cyber Espionage

Let's see, why are our computers, Emails, Twitter and Facebook accounts
being hacked by China and Russia?
China hardware could be used for Cyber Espionage
Back in the early 1980's while I was still a newbie to computers and reading my newspaper

(The New London Day).
I was shocked to read about our
military outsourcing computer equipment
to China of all places.
Not nearly as shocked as the author,
some retired navy admiral.

As he said back then,
computers controlled the armed forces airplanes, ships and equipment
China is still a communist country.

Today 98% of everything made, bought and sold in this country is made in another country, including our computers and their software.

U.S. Military Cautions Hardware from China could be used for Cyber Espionage

Defense officials have said that Pentagon's staff of late warned that no agency should use equipments of the computer manufacturer Lenovo of China following alarms that Pentagon networks could be spied upon.

According to one latest internal report that J-2 intelligence directorate presented, cyber-security officers feel alarmed that handheld devices and computers of Lenovo are likely to add remotely-controlled tainted hardware to the supply chain of Defense Department, endangering it with cyber espionage.

Pentagon uses the term

'supply chain'

to mean its worldwide suppliers' network which disburses chief components in the manufacture of military systems and weapons.


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