Group Aims To Dispel 400-Year-Old ‘Fake News’

19th November 1620,
The Pilgrim Fathers arriving on the Mayflower
landing in New England,
where they founded the Plymouth Colony.
Original Artwork:
Painting by Charles Lucy.
(Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

This writing looks like an honest attempt at getting to the truth.


I applaud them at this attempt.


I was kind·a (kīn′də), hoping that I could learn something about my people in this article.

Alas, same old

'many words, little substance'.

In Point of Fact,
the new arrivals, no matter their religious belief, were weak, hungry
and tired from the long journey to

'Native American land.

The Wampanoag tribe
did greet and care for these new arrivals
as most human beings would.

The New arrivals did build a colony,
on the land of the Wampanoag tribe.

With or without permission, this is debatable.

The problem that soon came between the two cultures was
the quick expansion of this and many other colonies on
 'Tribal land'!

Next came the not understanding of each other and their cultures.

Group Aims To Dispel 400-Year-Old ‘Fake News’ About New England

By William J. Kole, Associated Press December 25, 2016 4:07 PM

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The authors of this article has promised follow up
Of course,
so do I.

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