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 Over the past 75 years (Seventy-Six coming this February 26th).
I have been too many
(Indian Nation Gatherings)
I have been to hundreds of
(Non-Recognized Tribes Gatherings).
I have been to thousands of
what I call
(The "The lost Tribes" throughout Indian Country).

Tribes in the number one gatherings bracket

Are just to be allowed to keep a casino or two!

Tribes in the number two bracket.

Are Native Americans just trying to keep their

Culture, Ceremonies and Ancestors alive in their hearts
the hearts and minds of their friends!

Tribes in the number three gatherings bracket.

Are my favorite ones to visit.

Because they are usually a mix of many tribes
lost in the quagmire of government red tape.

However, they still feel their ancestors
want to do and learn more at how to
respect their culture, ceremonies ancestors
their Creator!

Welcome to the visitor from
 Winter Garden, Florida.
To the first Sachem Speaks blog on this our main website.
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As you may have noticed, it is a post about  

My thoughts on this Blog Page!
 posted on November 6, 2009
A post about
President Obama's meeting with
Tribal Leaders of about 500 Federally Recognized Tribes


About the Pot being grown on Indian Reservations by Mexican gangs.

It was also about,

If Federally Recognized Tribes are in fact, Sovereign Nations
like our neighbors
Mexico and Canada.

Then our government should not be able to invade said Tribal Lands.

Without the permission of their people or Tribal Leaders.

You may also have noted the fact that our government

feels that it is all right to do this.

Long ago, they selected
Tribal Leaders
Nations who were
Rarely Traditionalist.
To become

These so-called
"Sovereign Nations."

What was missing from this and thousands of other Native American posting

was the reason that this government recognized only their chosen people

to be called this (Sovereign Nations)!

You see,

by going with their own pick and chose treaties,

they get to,

with the help of their chosen selection.

Bury the true Traditionalist in tons of paperwork


"Nation to Nation Treaties!"

It is called
Squash the hundreds of thousands
of Land Claims

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