Mohegan Clan?

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Whatever happened to the rest of the Mohegan Clans?


Native American's, at least the traditionalist.

Like any other group of people (countries), have different cultures, ceremonies, language and heads of their type of government.

Sagamore in tribes of Canada and tribes that left Canada is their leaders.

Sagamore in our clans is the head of each clan under the direct leadership of the 'Head Clan Mother with the permission of the Clans Shechaim, or was before casinos.

A Chief in most tribes west of our people is the head of their tribe, or was before casinos.

A chief of our tribes (Clans), is put in-charge of any job the she or he is the most qualified to get the job completed correctly.

Once that job is completed correctly that person is not a chief until the next job, if the most qualified to do the job.


The Wolf People?
I was handed this book back in early 2010 about my people; the person wanted me to read all about the Mohegan's.

Ever since the day that the government and the government casino's bought the Indians.

I keep getting books from people asking me to read and give them my opinion.

After spending a lifetime as one of the original people I was sure by now that I was at least a little familiar with them however, she was an elder so I took the book with a promise to read it, someday.

Someday just came because I had an eye doctor's appointment at the VA.

Any veteran will tell you that one had better bring something to do and hope that your eyes are ok for reading.

Whatever happened to all of the rest of the Mohegan Clans?

I am telling you now that, like with my feelings about hunters, I am writing today just to give off a little steam, then I will click delete!

I am guessing that the book was written just after the casinos opened because the author was nowhere around while I was in Uncasvillage.

About the only thing good coming from this book as far as I can see is, now I know what happened to all of the information that use to be in the libraries around the area, and why no one has been able to find out anything about our people, except written after the early 1990's!

No! Even though I usually make it a point to give a reference to my postings, I have no plans to give you the name of this book, because you might be tempted to go waste your money on the thing.

I found that everything in this book, as with most other books about my people, was stolen from another source, or is a fabrication of the truth (half-truth)!

First thing we must note is that very few of the people in these book were around Uncasvillage in the 30's, 40's,50's 60's 70's and 80's so why are they called Mohegan's?

The next would be why is it that only men in the book called chief?

Why are none of the women called chief?

Why did this book allow you to believe that the English could dictate who should be our Sachem?

What does this book mean when it said that the Sachemship (Sachem royal family) Ended?

Did someone kill us all?

No wonder I have such horrible writing habits, I'm dead!

As explained in an earlier posting, like many other cultures, the royal family went underground and kept the royal line intact through the Trace, Fielding, Storey line!

Remember that a chief in an Eastern Woodland American Traditional Tribe is appointed by the Head Clan Mother with the blessings of the Sachem, this chief is a person with a job authorized by the Head Clan Mother and that person (man or woman ) is only chief until that job is finished.

The next job may need to use another person better qualified as that jobs leader or chief.

If this chief needs assistants with the workload, he may, with the permission of the Head Clan Mother Assign help (a Sagamore).

So, one would rightfully conclude that all of the chiefs in this book and any other book on Eastern Woodland Native Americans are just workers for the people assigned by their Head Clan Mother through the Sachem.

The book does go on talking about some of the people that they now call chiefs however, once again, only a few of those name were of the remaining 13 families living on Mohegan/Pequot land, not one was still a chief at the time of crossing!

Selling a book? Remember Creator is watching!

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