If you are, or claim to be with Native American Ancestors.

Native Americans protest Trump, pipeline

If you are, or claim to be with Native American Ancestors.

You, if possible, should be with this protest in support of your ancestors, your family, your friends, neighbors and your God (Creator)!

In no time in the history of this country

Since being under the control of the English
Has this country taken land from its citizens?

'With the threat of weapon power'

(Just to hand the land over to a president owned company)!

Until now!

Native Americans protest Trump, pipeline
Mar 06, 2017

Native Americans from around the country are gathering in Washington for four days of protest

against the Trump administration
the Dakota Access pipeline

that will culminate with a Friday march on the White House.
Starting Tuesday,

tribal members and supporters plan to camp each day on the National Mall,

with teepees,

a ceremonial fire,

cultural workshops



On Friday, a 2-mile march is planned to the White House, where a rally is scheduled.

Sioux tribes oppose the $3.8 billion pipeline to move North Dakota oil to Illinois.

Texas-based developer Energy Transfer Partners expects to have oil flowing this month,

after getting the green light for final construction

from the Trump administration

last month.

Sioux tribes are fighting the project in court.

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